The most important thing to know before joining a boat club is what you’re getting and what is included for the value.  Just what exactly is a boating club?  Why would I want to join rather than buying my own boat?  And what makes Destination Boat Clubs the Ultimate Boating Club?

Belonging to a boating club is the ultimate way to enjoy the water.  Belonging to Destination Boat Clubs is the ultimate way to belong to a boating club.  As you run through our website we hope to answer all of the questions you have to ask. If joining a boat club is for you, we know that there are several companies out there that offer services. We want you to make an educated decision based on everything we have to offer, and when you do decide to join, that you let us have the privilege of being that ultimate club.

In addition, your membership with the Destination Boat Clubs family gives you access to the amenities at the locations where we’re based. All of our locations are at yacht clubs. So not only can you get off your boat and walk away at the end of your day, but you can relax by the pool, enjoy the Jacuzzi, or have a wonderful meal at our restaurants.  Can you imagine a better way to cap off a day on the water?

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