Interested in selling your boat or buying a boat? 

We have some easy options that you may want to consider before you list your boat or spend needless amounts of time investigating and looking at overpriced vessels.

Trade Your Vessel

 Become a member by trading your boat for membership. Destination Boat Clubs will apply the fair market value of your boat towards a membership. Enjoy boating by having a paid up membership for the next several years. We’ll even pay you a portion in cash if you prefer. Want to continue on after your term is up? No problem, just pay the monthly dues thereafter. All those responsibilities and hassles you had of owning that boat disappear. Yet you still get to enjoy the boating lifestyle the way it was truly meant to be. Just get a boat and go! Simple. 

Buy a Vessel

 Destination Boat Clubs utilizes vessels for a period of 3 years. After that, we sell them. Our boats are on a strict regular maintenance schedule and repairs are completed immediately since we staff an in-house certified marine mechanic. You can expect higher hours on our boats, but because they are so well maintained, you can expect many more years of enjoyment. So you get a late model boat that looks good at a phenomenal price. Call us to see what we currently have available for sale. 

Sell Your Vessel

 If your boat has less than 200 hours and is in great condition, Destination Boat Clubs may be interested in purchasing your vessel. Avoid the hassles listing and showing it. We make it easy. Because we purchase only boats in meticulous condition for our fleet, we’ll offer you fair market value. We don’t resell them to make a profit. Call us to see what your boat is really worth.  

Start your boat trade or sale today!

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