Interested in starting a business that is fun and doesn’t feel like work?

How about starting one that is exciting with a real return on investment? A career that does not feel like going to work every day? Consider a Destination Boat Clubs location of your own. Yes, your own, with no royalty fees. You keep all of your income 100%. Under the Destination Boat Clubs umbrella, as a licensee, you will own and operate your club under our successful business model as a Destination Boat Clubs Licensee. 

 As a licensee, you receive and have access to: 

  •  Operating Systems 
  • Marketing Tools 
  • Sales Materials 
  • Website 
  • Online Reservation System 
  • Business Documents 
  • 10+ Years of Boat Club Experience 
  • 30+ Years of Personal Boat Ownership 
  • Corporate Office Support 
  • Training on Location 
  • Reciprocity at All Other Locations For Your Members 

 As a licensee, you need: 

  • The ability and desire to own your own business
  • Initial Investment of approximately $150k
  • Capital for 6 months of expenses
  • The love for boating and being outdoors around the water

 If you have ever thought about starting a new career in the marine industry, consider one with Destination Boat Clubs. We would love the chance to speak with you to discuss the opportunities we have to offer.

Call us to learn more. 239-945-6493.