Think about this for a minute, this is the important. The purchase price or loan payment, maintenance, insurance, repairs, depreciation, storage, trailers, tow vehicle and the time and effort to clean the boat, your membership with us is a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Very simple! There is a one-time only initiation fee to join, then affordable monthly dues thereafter. You pay for your fuel each time you go and a one-time per year discounted marine towing coverage fee. Pricing does vary, so call us directly for the latest specials and pricing.

Virtually Sunrise to Sunset boating! Leave as early as One Hour after sunrise and return One Hour before sunset. We offer morning, afternoon and all-day sessions.

DBC utilizes our online reservation system. Each member possesses a User ID and Password to log in. Simply choose the location, date, vessel and time. Immediately receive an email confirmation of your reservation and a reminder the day before your reservation. You control your reservations. Check status, edit or cancel a reservation is just as simple.

Always the most important thing to know about any boat club – our ratio is a TRUE 10:1. That is for ALL MEMBERS, regardless whether they are full-time, part-time, seasonal , active or not. Ask to see it in writing. You can with us and insures you will get a boat.

There is no limit. However, we allow a maximum of 4 reservations on the system at a time. We utilize a rolling reservation system, meaning, after you fulfill a reservation, you can add another. You may reserve up to three months in advance or as late as the day before.

Choose from deck boats, pontoons, dual consoles, center consoles, bay boats, walk-arounds, and even catamarans. Sizes range from 21’ to 26’.

Yes. Liability coverage is up to $1,000,000 per vessel, per member and their guests. Should an incident occur, a $2500 deductible exists.

The boat will need to be fueled, but our staff will gladly take care of that. Each boat leaves with a full tank. Upon your return, simply pull into the fuel dock and allow us to fuel the boat as you disembark. By the time you collect your items, just pay for your fuel right there and walk away.

Yes. Although the online reservation system is unable to reserve on the same day, just call our dock staff directly. If a boat is available, it’s yours.

No. Although we do require all new members to undergo an on-water training or certification program, as well as satisfy and pass the Florida Safe Boater’s Course. Should you need additional training, we will spend as much time as necessary to insure you are capable and confident operating a vessel safely.

Yes, although additional knowledge and training may be required.

Yes. Although you are limited to 10 miles offshore and still maintain coverage, you may venture further  out providing you have acquired additional insurance coverage for such distances. Only certain vessels are allowed and equipped for offshore fishing.

Yes. All other locations are reciprocal.